About Us

Innovators since it was founded in 1988, by the current chairman Michael Hopkinson, Rosehill Polymers has expanded its operations to four sites in and around the town of Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK.

Innovation A Keystone

Rosehill recognises that the use of effective R & D can lead to significant market advantage, whether it is in the development of new process machinery, laboratory equipment, chemical formulations or technologies.

The entire team of engineers and chemists are highly motivated and actively encouraged to pursue and develop new ideas without delays often caused by complex management procedures. The size of the company allows it to operate in a highly flexible way, providing all employees the chance to influence the company’s future.

Research & Development - Combined Rubber & Urethane Technology

Rosehill has continually developed its knowledge of urethane and rubber technologies for applications in many end use industries.

The combination of these chemistries has led to the creation of higher performance products in terms of temperature, UV and moisture resistance.

The use of complementary technology across the various divisions gives the company opportunities for highly cost effective expansion. The company also benefits from the fact that much of its process equipment has been created and designed by in- house engineers.

The business now comprises of several divisions with products based upon shared technology and chemistry and continues to successfully innovate, design, develop and commercialise industry leading products and technologies into the global market.

About Us