Rosehill Offshore formulates and manufactures state-of-the-art raw materials for use in flow assurance applications and ancillary moulded items, both onshore and offshore.

A cornerstone of the culture within Rosehill Offshore is the emphasis placed on technological innovation and product development. There are very few companies that can compete with Rosehill when it comes to demonstrating such an extensive and successful track record of true innovation in polymer chemistry.

For well over two decades Rosehill has successfully challenged established products and processes in a wide range of industries and applications. We develop innovative products for the oil and gas industry based on entirely new and unique processing technologies.

These technologies allow Rosehill chemists to combine various materials to form entirely new types of products. In effect, these are polymer alloys which offer enhanced performance over more traditional materials in terms of hot wet ageing, adhesion and abrasion resistance, but they retain many of the advantages associated with traditional PU systems in terms of ease and speed of processing. Each bespoke product has been designed for use in specific applications to our client’s unique requirements.

These applications include oil and gas flow lines, field joints, bend stiffeners, bend restrictors, VIV strakes, cable protection products and custom coating line pipe applications.

Some advantages of Rosehill Offshore’s innovative systems include;

  • Industry leading ‘hot-wet’ high temperature performance technology

  • Increased adhesion to parent coatings and substrates

  • Fast cycle times

  • Significant logistical flexibility with regard to the storage and transportation of raw materials

  • Suitable for Reeling, S-lay, J-lay installations

Our state-of-the-art production and laboratory facilities are situated within the heart of the UK and all of our products are manufactured to the highest of standards (ISO 9001 : 2008 certified) and supplied across the globe.