Rosehill offer mercury-free polymer systems designed for the manufacture of ancillary moulded items used in marine environments within the Oil and Gas Industry.

Rosehill Polymers have spent the last few years developing its knowledge of the Oil and Gas Industry with a particular view to gaining an in depth understanding of the main issues faced by contractors and installers involved with field jointing, line-pipe deployment and custom coating, or the manufacturers of moulded components utilised in flow assurance applications.

It became apparent that there has been a growing problem with the performance of existing insulative coating materials specifically under wet conditions with the increasingly elevated oil temperatures being encountered in new fields.

As always there are going to be alternative types of materials available which may be able to cope with hot-wet conditions, although these solutions often carry their own disadvantages whether they be application-related, performance or even cost-related.

Recent highlights of Offshore specific developments include:

  • The development of a unique new castable Polymer-Alloy chemistry, capable of withstanding elevated operating temperatures (up to 120⁰C Hot Wet and 160⁰C Hot Dry).

  • Significant chemically enhanced improvements in Adhesion when directly compared to industry standard products. Tested with various standard parent coating products and substrates including PP, 3LPP, PE GSPU and FBE.

  • Bespoke primer technology - working in conjunction with an established adhesive company we have developed products which have been optimised to work with our systems and which can offer significant logistical advantages to both manufacturers and operators.

  • Low temperature stable isocyanates – Some of our products offer advantages in terms of storage and handling being more robust at lower temperatures.

  • A market leading mercury free cable-guard system which offers processing advantages and significantly enhanced abrasion resistance properties.


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‘The Best of Both Worlds’

One major goal we set ourselves was to develop a brand new bespoke technology which would be specifically engineered to directly address some of the most difficult issues currently being faced by the industry i.e. Hot-wet performance with fast cycle times.

Rosehill subsequently developed and successfully introduced a range of unique new products which, simply put, enables polyurethane (PU)-type polymers to be combined with epoxy-type polymer systems. This technological development was only made possible due to our unique and innovative chemical process technology.

Combining these different product groups in the form of a ground-breaking polymer alloy network has enabled products which offer specific benefits normally associated with each material type, whilst at the same time mitigating some of the disadvantages i.e. offering ‘the best of both worlds’.

The Applicators Perspective 

Rosehill’s polymer alloy systems offer all of the processing advantages normally associated with a standard PU systems whilst taking advantage of the enhanced temperature performance that traditional epoxy systems can offer, especially (but not exclusively) in hot/wet conditions.