The Challenge

Steel Pipelines are used to transport Oil and Gas over long distances and through inhospitable environments, often at high pressures and increasingly at elevated temperatures.

These Pipelines obviously require protection from both corrosion and physical damage as well as offering insulative properties for the oil or gas being transported.

Due mainly to the significant technological advances the industry has made in terms of Oil and Gas extraction, the environments within which these Pipelines have to operate are becoming ever-more demanding. It is apparent that existing products, such as traditional Polyurethane systems, are not always physically capable of fulfilling all of the required functions within these harsher environments.

There has been a co-ordinated effort to encourage investment in R&D projects at all levels within the supply chain with a view to facilitate the introduction of new products and technologies.

For example, materials used in field joint applications often need to be processed under very challenging conditions, new products are required which are fit-for-purpose, fulfil the basic specifications for insulation and protection and are simple and cost effective to process using existing equipment and technologies.

Our Challenge

Rosehill Offshore’s challenge has been to develop a new breed of materials which are specifically engineered to perform to the stringent specifications set by the Oil and Gas Industry within these increasingly tough environments.