Rosehill offer mercury-free polymer systems designed for the manufacture of ancillary moulded items used in marine environments within the Oil and Gas Industry.

Rosehill Polymers have developed a bespoke state-of-the-art processing technology for the production of its unique pre-polymers. This innovative manufacturing process is based on a purpose built plant which utilises a continuous reactor rather than the more typical batch reactors.

This continuous reactor technology provides Rosehill with a significant technological advantage when compared to the standard batch reactor manufacturing process employed by the majority of the industry. Rosehill can now formulate products which effectively consist of a brand new type of chemistry - a world-first technological breakthrough.

Historically, most new product developments being introduced into the market have been restricted to varying the combinations and ratios of a limited number of raw materials or ingredients if you will. The Continuous Reactor has suddenly opened up a whole new raft of possibilities whereby previously chemically opposed raw materials can now be successfully combined at a molecular level.

This means that it is now possible to chemically engineer a whole new breed of products. Combining interesting new additives and tailoring properties to meet specifications which have been out of reach for products manufactured using traditional techniques… the possibilities are almost endless.

The ability to formulate exciting new products is just one side of the story, there are also important logistical advantages that this production process offers. Products produced on the continuous plant can be manufactured in a small fraction of the time taken to manufacture in large batch reactors, thereby reducing overall lead time and waste and improving efficiency. There is also a significant benefit in terms of the level of control and the monitoring of product production which offers a higher degree of consistency, thereby providing peace of mind to both installers and end users.